Our little apartment is home to a busy work from home, and very handsome husband and me. We try to eat very healthy, through necessity mostly and also desire, but mostly necessity.  Some of our friends and family members who have food allergies and intolerances had bought a Thermomix to make life easier.  We recently concluded that a Thermomix would ease the time and labour intensive parts of just getting us fed! A big decision for this low budget little household, but we figured it was worth it, especially because I chew up food processors and blenders like a great Dane would a rubber chicken!

So before my Thermomix even arrived I started searching for recipes, mentally gobbling up all the information I could. I was a little disappointed with the results of my first Thermomix recipe Google search for “Thermomix grain free bread”. A search for sugar free was a little better, but not amazing.

I know those recipes are out there…I have a sneaky suspicion that there might be some excellent special diet Thermomix recipes in German, Italian and Spanish – and I dare say Google Translate is going to be put to trebajo (work) amigos!

So the purpose of this site is to file recipes that fall into the many dietary requirements that we have, and hopefully a few of you find this helpful as well.

I have since been told about Quirky Cooking, which looks like a great resource and I will be trying some of those recipes. I will also be experimenting with recipes created by family and friends.

So lässt koch! (Thats German for “lets cook”)